Market Gallery- Art and Economy

This year marks Market Gallery’s10th anniversary. Over the last decade Market has provided an artist-run, non-profit gallery that acts as a platform for artists at all stages in their careers. The showcasing of high quality, experimental and innovative contemporary art in the East End of Glasgow has consistently been advised by The Market Gallery’s commitment to the support and the financial enabling of artists. Presently the future for Market and its ethos is uncertain due to challenges posed by the economy. However this is also a moment when we can usecurrent conditions as a framework to develop a supportive community that is strengthened by adapting to the new parameters that are forming. Significantly, and perhaps uniquely, this is also a moment when we see that the disconcerting vision we have of our future is one that is widely shared.


This forum recognises and anticipates how the future will impact the arts and should be viewed as an occasion to debate and explore collective creativity by means of open and mutual conversation. Through interrogating community, solidarity and criticality, new and exciting circumstances can form that benefit not only artists but also the wider community. Market has purposefully left the Forum title broad; as a title, Art and the Economy invites all those present for equal amounts of generosity and ownership for its material and value.


Market therefore thanks our panelists, our online forum contributors, and all those who attend the forum for their participation in the event and their participation in this critical discourse – critical discourse, indeed, at this critical moment. Finally. Market thanks all participants for supporting the work undertaken by Market and by initiatives like Market – initiatives that are all working to negotitiate this difficult new territory whilst maintaining their artistic and ethical vision.


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